Writing Testimonials For Backlinks Part II

Writing Testimonials For Backlinks Part II


You may be like many individuals who dread the prospect of writing such a request letter. With that in mind, you are provided in this ebook with a sample request letter outline that you can utilize in your efforts to generate your own backlinks.

The first element of the request letter outline should be a concise explanation of what your website and your business enterprise undertake. You do not need to go into tremendous detail in this regard. People simply do not have the time to spend reading detailed information. Rather, by providing a direct and to the point overview of what you are doing you will be in the best position to appropriate market your efforts and seek backlink support.

The next element of your letter should also be short and sweet. Here you want to up front about making an appeal for backlinks. (If you are considering a link sharing effort where you exchange links back and forth, you will want to mention this at this juncture.)

The next component of a request letter should be a recitation of some of the other individuals or enterprises that have come on board with your backlink efforts. The bottom line is that an individual or entity that you are soliciting for a backlink will be more willing to get on board with you if that individual or entity sees that you already have credible support. By listing who already is on board with you, you really will be providing a clear incentive to attract new quality locations for links to your website.



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