What To Do Once You Find Printer Problems

What To Do Once You Find Printer Problems


Having sent over your document to the printer, finding that you have printer problems, and that it has either printed half of what you wanted, or nothing at all can often be a source of great frustration.

Much like dealing with any other issue, dealing with printer problems should be done calmly and systematically, in a way that is best suited to get the problem done. If you are a printer technician, then this guide is probably going to be aiming below your level, but what we will look at here are a few simple solutions which can avoid having to make that call to the printer repair guy.

If your printer has only given you half a page, or has cut out important pieces of the document, consider whether it actually delivered the paper into the tray, or did the paper actually jam in the printer and you pulled it out? If it is the former, then you may want to check that your printer settings are correct, that the pages you’re sending are set up to be printed in that size of paper, and that your margins are sufficient to allow for a small misalignment in the paper. It might sound simple, and not strictly one of the ‘printer problems,’ but it has caught many people out.

When the printer problems occurred, did the paper go fully through the printer, only go partially through then jam, or not start to print at all? If it jammed half way through, then switch off the printer, and give it a thorough clean, taking care to remove any dirt or dust that may have caused the jam. On the other hand, if it hasn’t started printing at all, check the cables and that the printer is powered up successfully and not showing any error lights.

When you find that you are still having printer problems, and nothing seems to work, try to restart the printer, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to print a test page. At this point, if you are still having difficulties, and can’t see anything obvious causing the printer problems, then it may be time to call the repairman.

Recount to them what you have tried and observed, and they may be able to suggest a solution, otherwise, they will help you arrange a visit, or for you to take the printer in to be professionally repaired.


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