Using Rustic Decor to Decorate Your Basement

Using Rustic Decor to Decorate Your Basement


Many people turn their basement into family rooms where they can gather together and have a great time. This is an excellent idea that provides your family with extra space and when decorated with rustic décor it can be a warm and inviting place to spend your free time. Its easy to use rustic décor to decorate your basement, just follow the simple suggestions below and you will be off to a great start.

o Choose the Right Colors – Rustic décor is all about color. Use natural earth tone colors for all of your décor to give the basement that warm cozy feeling. In other words, stay away from bright floral designs.

o Furniture -Your rustic décor furniture should be made from materials such as wrought iron, cedar, hickory and log style furnishings to name a few. Don’t buy new designer furniture with bright colorful patterns for a rustic décor look.

o Lighting – The lights used can make a big difference when decorating your basement rustic style. The basement receives very little natural light so you need extra lighting such as lamps to illuminate the room but make sure you stay away from modern fancy designs.

o Accessories – When choosing accessories, search for items such as the Barnwood Framed Mirror, Moose Lamp Shade, Northwoods Territory Clock and the Rustic Candle Holders – Horseshoe Handles to enhance the rustic décor look.

Using rustic décor to decorate your basement can be a great way to add space to your home. Rustic décor is one of the most popular styles around because it provides a warm, cozy feeling, just what a basement needs to be converted into a comfortable family room.



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