The Advantages of Sensor Light Switches

The Advantages of Sensor Light Switches


Motion sensor light switches are becoming more popular in homes, and for good reason. Not only are they simple and inexpensive to install, but they can also save money, help conserve natural resources, and provide added safety and security in your home. Here are some good reasons why you might want to consider adding one or more motion sensitive light switches to your home.

Save Money

In most homes, a lot of money is wasted simply by people not shutting off the lights when they leave a room. In fact, sometimes lights are accidentally left on at bedtime, which means they waste electricity and money all night long. When you install a motion sensor light switch, it will automatically sense any movement in the room. This means the lights will go on automatically without you having to do a thing. After a certain amount of time, if no further motion is detected, the lights will also turn themselves off automatically. Because of this automation, motion sensor light switches are much more effective at saving money than simply trying to remember to turn the lights out when you leave the room. In fact, these switches will probably pay for themselves quickly because of the money they will save on your utility bill.

Help Protect the Environment

Of course, using too much electricity is not only bad for your utility bill – it is also detrimental to the environment. The automated nature of these switches will reduce the amount of electricity your family consumes, so you will be doing your part to live a “greener” lifestyle. Depending on the switch you buy, it might have features that allow you to prevent lights from being switched on during the daylight hours, which can also help to avoid accidentally using too much electricity. You can also increase the effectiveness of these switches by adjusting them to turn off after a shorter period of inactivity in the room.

Enhanced Safety

Good lighting can be very important to the safety of your family. Because these switches will automatically turn the lights on in a room when you enter, you will not have to worry about stumbling around in the dark or possibly tripping and falling because you did not take the time to turn on the light. These automated switches can also be very handy for people who have limited mobility, eliminating the need for them to have to fumble with light switches. They are also handy in homes with children who are not tall enough to easily reach the light switches. They can provide extra safety when you have your hands full, but need to turn on the lights to enter a room, such as when you are carrying laundry or groceries.

Home Security

When you have motion sensor light switches, the lights in your home will be continually turning off and on. This will of course be an indication that somebody is home, which can be a deterrent to potential burglars. With regular light switches, you might turn your room lights as soon as it gets dark, and essentially leave them on all evening. This inactivity could be perceived from outdoors as there being nobody home.



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