Solar Butterfly Garden Lights

Solar Butterfly Garden Lights


When considering what kind of solar garden lights to buy, many people look for ones that are shaped like insects, and garden birds. Solar butterfly garden lights are, as the name suggests, design to look like one of the most beautiful insects found in a garden: the butterfly. There are however, a few things that must be taken into account when choosing which one to purchase and in this article; I will share with you my opinions of these factors.

Let’s first look at the environmental impact of these lights. Powered by energy from the sun, these lights consume very little energy, and even better, they obtain all their energy requirements from a renewable energy source: sunlight. Also, many of them are fitted with white LED light bulbs. These bulbs not only consume far less energy, but they are also very bright. Additionally, they lost for a fairly long period of time, so they don’t need to be changed often. Overall, I would say that solar garden lights have a much smaller negative impact on the environment than the usual ones.

The cost of using these lighting devices is also very reasonable. Seeing that they don’t use electricity (unless you’ve had many days of cloudy conditions), they are fairly cheap to operate. Once you purchase and install them, they are basically maintenance free, so that also decreases overall costs. They are very easy to install, and even a novice DIY enthusiast will easily manage to set them up correctly. The cost of the actual units vary though. Some of the higher quality, more elegantly designed ones are a little more expensive, although an improvement in technology has seen the costs drop dramatically as of late.

Although the colour of lights are limited, with most coming with plain white bulbs, there are a few that come with a bluish tint to them. These bulbs produce a faintly blue glow, and can really add a little extra flair to your garden. When using the butterfly shaped ones however, there isn’t a real need for the colour of the lights to be anything fancy. The true visual appeal, I believe, comes from the actual shape and design of the light.

Unlike conventional garden lights which are usually placed along garden pathways, solar butterfly garden lights are more suited to be placed amongst your garden plants. They can be mounted and installed in a small clearing close to your palm trees or even hedges. This gives the visual effect of a glowing butterfly looking for a place to land, and is far more interesting than simply lining them up along a walkway. If you have a small pond in your garden, you could also place the garden lights nearby, to create a ‘natural’ feel in your garden.



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