Samsung LN52B750 52" LCD TV – 52b750 Review

Samsung LN52B750 52" LCD TV – 52b750 Review


Samsung LN52B750 uses no energy on the standby mode. When it is on, the energy consumption would is considerably little.

Samsung LN52B750 scores well on the Greenpeace policy rating as well. The manufacturers themselves carry out the rating during the production. The process takes prominent global policies and practices into account. The rating reveals the accountability of the product to the environment after it is discarded.

Samsung LN52B750 would let you enjoy natural and cinematic pictures. You would feel that you are actually on one of the Himalayan peaks rather than watching it on the LCD. The snow, too, would appear to be quite real. It is the 1080 pixel resolution (compare it with 720 pixel resolution offered by the competitors!) that makes it possible. The color tones will be brighter, truer, and natural.

Apart from the scenic landscapes, Samsung 52B750 also enhances the thrill and excitement of watching the fast action scenes. The refresh rate offered by the LCD is 240 Hz. The LCDs produced by the rival names would offer you a refresh rate of only 120 Hz. The result: a highly reduced blurring on your Samsung LN52B750 when the picture frames move rapidly. Now you can enjoy the stunts, and quickly moving sports far better. The screen functions on the TFT active matrix technology. The pixel response time is a 2 milisecond.

Samsung LN52B750 also provides the viewer with an in-built library. You may access information on a variety of topics to improve fitness regime or your diet etc. If you need greater details of information, you may access internet.

Pick up the remote control and Samsung LN-52B750 allows you to access Yahoo widgets and plenty of other online content. You can access customizable widgets also by means of Samsung’s Media2.0 feature. You need not switch over to surfing from watching an interesting program. Both the activities can go on side by side.

Samsung LN52B750 offers two in built speakers that can produce 20 watts of audio power. Various other features include DVD boxes, four HDMI inputs accompanied by blue-ray disc connections, satellite HD boxes or cable, 1 VGA input, 1 digital audio input, 2 component video inputs and quite a few connectors.

The swivel action based design of Samsung LN52B750 would easily let you change the orientation of the screen. The see through cylindrical stand and the complete exterior in a grey shade looks quite cool. But do not watch the programs under bright lights. They may be reflected on the glossy black flat panel screen. If you want to be a proud owner of a Samsung LN52B750, it is worth paying a little higher price than what many other LCDs available in the market demand.



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