Pool Table Light – The Benefits Of Having Proper Lighting

Pool Table Light – The Benefits Of Having Proper Lighting


Owning a pool table in your home is a great form of entertainment and many people have them in their game room. Some folks take this game seriously and may have a professional career playing pool, so it’s important for them to have proper lighting in order to maximize their performance. With a proper lighting, you can actually improve your pool playing skills. So don’t forget the importance of lighting when you decide to buy a table for your home.

Lighting is one of the most important factors for professional pool players. Having too much and too little lighting will cast drop shadows on the table, this will alter your perception on the shooting angles. With the proper lighting in place, you’ll be able to make better judgment on where to hit the cue ball.

These light fixtures are commonly fixed on the ceiling so that it can be directly above the pool table. Attaching the lights to the ceiling avoids any cumbersome wires and stands, which would be in the way of the players. There are many styles of lights that you can choose from and this strictly depends on all players’ decision. You can get a Tiffany pool table light which gives your game room a more classic look and feel to it as opposed to a college themed light fixture. You can find these stained glass pool table light fixtures online and some places will even have an option for you to customize them to your likings.

Your pool table light height should typically be around 3 feet above the pool table surface, but this ultimately depends on the length of your game furniture. A good rule of thumb is to elevate your light 5 inches high for every foot in table length. Having the light too low will cast unwanted shadows on the table and you will most likely hit the light with your pool stick when breaking the rack.



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