Home Theater Lighting

Home Theater Lighting


Home theater lighting is something you should consider once you’ve got the basics of your home theater set-up, and want to go a bit further and create an atmosphere in your theater.

One of the best ways to create the right atmosphere in any room is by using lighting, and home theater lighting has the added advantage that it actually improves the quality of the image on a screen.

Most of us are used to watching movies in darkness, and its generally agreed that all displays are at their best when the room is dark. So you just switch all the lights off, right? Well, yes and no. You need the lights on to get yourself set-up and operate the remote control before the movie starts, the last thing you want is to have to get up and cross the room to switch the lights off. The answer is to have a remote control home theater lighting system with which you can dim or switch-off the lights from the comfort of your sofa. This can either be bult-in if you’re starting from scratch, or retro-fitted to an existing setup.

Going a stage further, you could install motorized drapes which are also controlled via the remote.

Some of the more sophisticated systems allow you to create pre-sets, so at the touch of a button on the remote you can create, say a pre-show atmosphere, which draws the drapes and has low lights highlighting the seating area only. Then you can switch to the show setting where all the lights are switched off.

Using an X10 system, you can even integrate controlloing the lights and drapes with the other components of your home theater. So for example, in Pre-show, some music plays and when you hit the Show, as well as the lights going off, the DVD player starts the movie and the receiver flips to movie mode.

The level of sophistication you’re able to introduce to your home theater lighting will depend on your budget. Five dollars will get you a dimmer switch froma hardware store, a few hundred dollars will be a you a remote controlled lighting system. But for the full works with total integration, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars.



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