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Cure Impotence Naturally, Without Doctors, Without Drugs!


If I told you the cure for impotence and erectile dysfunction was as simple as a ring made of plastic and filled with some copper and zinc pieces, would you believe it? If you said no, then you should believe it. The Blakoe ring is the brainchild of Dr. Robert Blake, a noted anatomist and physiologist. He invented the device in the 1950s as a treatment for incontinence. However, it wasn’t long until users began reporting an amazing side effect-a significant improvement in their sex lives.

While advertising the product as a sexual aid was taboo in the 1950s, word of the ring’s amazing power soon spread. By the 1970s when the public had become more open-minded about sex and the treatment of sexual difficulties, medical studies were able to be completed on the device. It didn’t take long for researchers to learn that the ring was effective at treating both incontinence and sexual problems.

Today the Blakoe ring can still be purchased. A less expensive variation of the ring can also be purchased. It goes by the name of the ball zinger. Both rings work in a similar fashion. Moisture in the skin interacts with the metals in the ring, producing a flow of electricity. This electrical current stimulates the sexual organs, improving their function.

The Blakoe ring is designed to be wore around the penis and testicles. While the ball zinger can be wore the same way, some users choose to wear it only on their penis or testicles, depending on the type of enhancement they are looking for. However, for optimal effect, the ring should be wore around your entire package.

For maximum effects from the ring in treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction, it should completely circle the penis and testicles. When the penis is stimulated, circulation is increased. Users are able to achieve and maintain larger, firmer erections through the added blood flow.

Testicular stimulation aids erection improvement by activating the Leydig cells, the cells responsible for the production of testosterone. Many sexual problems can be traced back to low levels of testosterone. By improving levels, these problems can be cured easily. If you happen to have adequate hormone production, the increase in production will heighten erection power.

The Blakoe ring and ball zinger can be comfortably wore all day long if desired. The small size enables you to wear either without anyone around you being aware of it. However, there are some men who choose to only wear the device for short periods of time or while sleeping. While the effects of the ring are more intensified by longer wear, even those who wear it for brief periods notice a significant difference in erections.

The device is safe. Despite the thousands of men who have used it, there have been no complaints. Some users have even reported that it not only aided in the cure of their sexual difficulties, but when wore during sex, heightened their partner’s experience as well. Unlike other methods, this a completely natural and non-invasive treatment. It can be used by men of all ages.

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