Advantages Of Using LED High Bay Lightings On High Rise Ceilings

Advantages Of Using LED High Bay Lightings On High Rise Ceilings


High Bay lightings are used on high ceilinged structures such as warehouses, gyms hotels and churches and also some residential houses which have high ceilings. However, along with these high rise ceilings, risks are always present because of the heights, which make the lights difficult to install. Using ordinary and traditional light would mean increasing the risks. To avoid this, it would be better to use high bay lightings with longer life span such as LED lighting fixtures.

Using LED is more of an advantage compared to traditional lightings because it is more economical and it has low power usage with high lumen efficacy, this means giving brighter light effect which is more closer than daylight without consuming large amount of electricity. Traditional light that have brighter lights definitely consumes large amount of electricity since they come in large wattage. Knowing that you are lighting a whole warehouse means real huge power consumption, thus, electric bills surely is huge which would cause you to pay a hefty amount of money.

Another advantage of LED is its longer life span. It has a lifespan of approximately 13 years of continuous use. Therefore, reducing the risk of your workers who would do the replacement of your high bay lightings; with traditional ones you are bound to change it every now and then since the bulbs are busted more often, thus, risks would be an issue you would have to consider due to the heights of your building. Remember, when you are dealing with high-rise ceilings, you must have the right equipment and the right person to do the installation and replacement. Neglecting to check the equipment needed to replace and install the right lightings may cause accidents, some of which could be fatal.

Even if LED may have higher price than anything ordinary, you can still get your savings due to its long-term use. Because replacement will not be a problem anymore, therefore, you don’t have to buy another set of lighting fixtures and pay another service fee to your handy man. Another way you can save out of your LED high bay lighting is through its low power consumption with brighter lighting effect, which means paying lower monthly electric bills, therefore, increasing your sales and profit while lowering your operating expenses. It’s wise to choose the most practical lighting which may cost you some when you buy them. But in the long term, choosing the right lighting can save you much overall.



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