A Real Life Heart Healthy Fairy Tale

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A Real Life Heart Healthy Fairy Tale


Thanks to our all-knowing nanny state I need to say up front that I’m not a doctor and that this article in no way makes any medical claims. In fact, all I’m going to do is tell a fairy tale. If my story inspires you to take action please confer with your “healthcare professional” first. Although establishment doctors typically don’t know squat about nutrition, to CYA/CMA I must tell you to consult your doctor before doing anything that may be suggested below. There… now for my story:

Once upon a time long, long ago in a far off land… actually it was 2005 in Shreveport, Louisiana. Bob, my business partner from 1999 suffered a massive heart attack in his doctor’s office. Happily, Bob didn’t die but over a year later he is still suffering from the effects.

Bob looks healthy as a horse and is only 54-years old but he has a family history of heart disease. His Daddy died of a heart attack as did his uncle. Since the “episode” in his doctor’s office, Bob has diligently sought ways to improve his heart health and hopefully reverse his heart disease. He has changed his diet, exercises regularly and takes supplements that promise to improve his overall health. To keep his blood test “numbers” within normal limits – much to his chagrin – he must take several medications. Bob hates drugs and their side effects which he believes are often worse than the symptoms that they are masking.

Six weeks ago a friend told me about a liquid vitamin/mineral/amino acid supplement for the heart that promises to provide all the key nutrients for a healthy cardiovascular system. The main ingredient in this concoction is an amino acid called L-arginine whose heart healthy benefits are supported by Nobel Prize research and 75,000+ medical papers validating the science. This Nobel research discovered the link between nitric oxide and cardiovascular health. Nitric oxide significantly increases blood flow, makes the blood vessels more flexible and gently dissolves plaque. L-arginine is a precursor in the cardiovascular system for the production of nitric oxide.

I told Bob about this “stuff” and he was eager to give it a try because of his aversion to drugs and his desire to get off as many as possible. He has diligently charted his blood pressure for months in his quest to stay on top of his delicate condition. Last month his BP daily average was a satisfactory 125/82. Boldly, Bob (without consulting with his doctor… a BIG no-no! REMEMBER?) stopped his blood pressure medication and doubled his daily dose of this heart healthy swill. The first week off his blood pressure medicine, Bob’s BP averaged that of a world class athlete, 100/62.

My fairy tale moves to Tulsa, Oklahoma and the characters change. A 75-year-old lady friend of mine is essentially an invalid and home bound because of her serious breathing problems. Her condition is so severe that she must use one of those powerful inhalers every four hours to avoid gasping for breath. Initially she was skeptical and reluctant to try this liquid supplement but after a week of coaxing by her husband she relented. Within two weeks she was down to only two treatments per day. Remember, increased blood flow also increases oxygen delivery to the entire body which was the reason for her success.

One of the first success stories that I heard when I discovered “Cardio Cocktail” was told by a gentleman in Arkansas. At 42 he was diagnosed as needing 4 stints in his heart due to blockage. He scheduled the procedure 70 days hence and in the interim he took 4 times the normal serving of the product which because of the natural ingredients is perfectly safe. Following the scheduled procedure two months later, his doctor reported that he found no blockage and it had been unnecessary to put any stints in his heart. Amazing.

Cardio Cocktail is a revolutionary heart healthy product which promises to reverse heart disease. Oh, did I mention that it has also cured Bob’s and my erectile dysfunction? Increased blood flow does all kinds of wonderful things for your body and for your little friends.

… And everyone lived happily ever after. Here endth my fairy tale.

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