4 Big Signs That She is a Player

4 Big Signs That She is a Player


Women would have you believe that it’s only men who can be players. Well the fact is that a lot of women are players too. They are just a lot better at covering their tracks. Most of the time anyway! Here a few tell-tale signs that a girl is a player.

1) She has a lot of Facebook friends – The average person only knows about 30 people maximum on regular speaking terms. Then normally another 100 can be added for old friends, work colleagues, casual friends and distant family. Therefore the average person on Facebook should only have 150 friends if its only people they genuinely know. Now if she has over 1000+friends and the majority is male, then it’s a sure sign that she is into men quite a bit. It doesn’t mean she is having her way with all those guys but the main reason for having so many male friends is just to keep her options open. She will argue that “loads of guys add her” but she is the one that accepts the add too! Also, remember if she has loads of guys on her Facebook then you are probably just another drop in the ocean to her. Is that what you really want when looking for a future wife?

2) Your out with her and her phone is non stop – This could be phone calls, text messages, instant messages. If her phone is constantly on the go then the reason for that is obvious. Unless she is selling drugs it’s more then likely these are all men trying to call her for some sort of hook up. The fact her phone is constantly going off means she has probably given out her number so much that she has lost track. It wouldn’t even surprise me if she had arranged another date straight after your one. If the phone is constantly on the go, just say no!

3) You call her for the first time and she hesitates in remembering who you are- This is one of the biggest signs. If she is genuine then when you call her she should straight away react as if she’s been waiting for your call. If you call her and there’s a little pause while she remembers who you are then that is a big warning signal. She has probably given out her number to so many guys that she has forgotten who they all are! Literally in this case! Your best thing to do is just to hang up there and then. Let’s face it, if she can’t be bothered to remember you then she can’t be worth it surely?

4) There are “Rumours” about her – Lets face it there is never ever smoke without something being on fire somewhere. It’s true that some girls do get “haters”, however if a girl just keeps herself to herself then its very unlikely that any rumours will begin. If she’s up in everyone’s business and stealing other girls men then the rumours will begin. And usually for good reason too! If there are rumours flying around about a certain girl they normally have some element of truth in them. Stay away!

So there are a few things to look out for when trying to work out if she is a player. Perhaps you already noticed a few of these things yourself? Well time to get out as soon as possible before you end up getting played yourself.



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